How to Get the Most out of Reading This Blog

Dear Readers,

I recommend approaching the blog posts found here as one would a "Based on a True Story" movie. Most of the stuff written is 100% true, while some of the characters and events may have been slightly altered for a more enjoyable reading experience. I'll give you some examples.

(Please refer to the NAQs here for reference.) 

Here are some facts: 

  • I am married and I have two children.  
  • I have a vision board with a picture of an elephant on it. 
  • I own and operate a school. 
  • I did not attend medical school.
  • Anything written about that seems raw, painful, emotional and/or a real internal struggle, etc. is true. I can't and won't make stuff like that up. That’s not only a fact, that’s a promise.

Here is info about some of the altered facts found throughout: 

  • My teachers don't really sign contracts that say they are partly to blame for any student that ends up failing at life. I love and adore my teachers and they are all very well educated, both academically and in life.  
  • I do brush my hair from time to time. I also wear make-up for special occasions, like for a wedding or for a funeral. Although I'm not sure I should call a funeral a "special occasion." 
  • I do start homeschooling before noon, sometimes. 

You get my point.

I also don't get paid for any book, person or event that I may or may not recommend, even by Goody whose hair ties I’ve been loyal to for longer than I’ve known my husband. That is a fact.

I did consider paying people to be able to say that I knew them on my site so that it would appear that I actually knew some really cool or famous people here in town (altered fact), but since I'm not getting paid for any of this, I decided against it. It's budgeting 101. Thank you Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman, who are also not paying me, which is probably best because I haven't actually read their books or taken their advice (semi-altered fact). A really true fact regarding this semi-altered fact is that there is no way I could ever utilize the Dave Ramsey envelope system. I can't keep up with my own two kids and my one wallet, much less several envelopes, all with different amounts of money in them.

Anyway, I also recommend you reading all of this with an open heart and an open mind. Take in only what you want, and leave the rest behind. No harm. No foul. Some soft music playing in the background and a glass of your favorite wine might be nice too, unless you are an alcoholic* or under 21. Then I definitely don't recommend the wine. You won't miss much anyway because any one blog post isn't really long enough to finish even half of a glass of wine and is definitely not worth the risk of falling back off the wagon or having to be dragged down to your local juvenile detention center. A cup of hot tea with a dash of lemon or a tall glass of cool water is probably best for everyone anyway.

One final recommendation: sign up for the updates. There have been times in the past that I haven't written a single word for months. Signing up for blog updates will save you time by allowing you to not have to check back on this site to see if there is a very intriguing or a really boring new post. I don't share anyone's contact info with anyone else. That is another fact. 

May peace and joy find you as you read. 


Not So Supermom JQ

* I have dear friends and family that have been affected by alcoholism. In no way am I making fun of anyone who may struggle with it or with any other type of addiction. I am actually cheering them on. I'm really cheering us all on. We all have addictions of some sort or another, it's just that most of our addictions don't have a label like alcoholism. One way I have learned to deal with this hard, full of addiction life is to take time now and again to laugh about it all. Laughter, for me is like a breath of fresh air that can help me hold my breath the next time I feel like I am drowning under it all.