Close Counts

Close Counts

We escaped the bears and the rattle snakes and made it home safely. The problem now is the laundry. I’ve never been able to finish laundry on a normal week. Now I have a pile almost as tall as me that I have been staring at wondering why we do this to ourselves. I’m starting to understand the longing for the Garden of Eden: no clothes = no laundry. Forget the pain of childbirth. There are drugs for that.  I'm dealing with laundry here.  If only there would of been a sign posted like the one I've posted here, it quite possibly could have saved us all. No Jesus-like intervention would be needed because there would be no laundry, among other things.  

I don’t mind the washing part. I even enjoy taking the warm fresh-scented clothes out of the dryer. It’s the actually getting it back into drawers that is one of the most tedious tasks I have ever encountered. Every time I dig through the pile to find a pair of socks for my daughter – they don’t have to match, mind you –  but I think “It would be so much easier if we would just knock this pile out and have things in the drawers where they belong.” I then find the socks mid-thought and jubilantly walk away as if I have just found the most prized treasure. Off to soccer camp my child can now go while I stay home and walk by the 5 ft tall pile of laundry one-hundred times thinking, “I should get on that,” but don’t. Maybe tomorrow, or mañana as someone who speaks Spanish might say.

Now it is mañana and I am still not folding laundry, much less putting it anywhere.  I’d honestly like to burn it all, but I’m writing instead and mainly because I’ve been told that I need to write EVERY. DAY.  I have a sweet mentor that tells me that I will never finish a book unless I do. What she doesn’t understand is that telling me to write everyday is like telling me to put up the laundry once it’s clean and dry. Yeah right.  I suck at anything that requires discipline and routine. Some of it is the ADD. Some of it is me avoiding that which is slightly uncomfortable. Most of it is because I am human. And maybe my mentor does actually understand, but knows that if she doesn't tell me to write everyday that I won't write even as much, or as little, as I do. 

I haven’t written for several days. But I am writing now and that is what counts. I may not finish the laundry pile for several more days, but when (and if) I do, it will count too. And, I love the phrase “close counts,” because it does. At least the laundry is clean, for now. Close enough for me. Until mañana. 

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