Break Some Rules Along the Way

Just before hitting print on the instructions for our house sitter, I glance over them to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything.  I see the following regarding the loving care of our chickens: “If they get out it’s easier to get them back into the pen with food. Chasing them is hard and humiliating.”

I laughed out-loud because it was funny and true. I immediately realized that the house sitter won’t know if I wrote those words or if it was my husband. I secretly hoped he would think it was me because I like to be liked and I like for people to think that I am funny. Most of the time I am not. My husband is hilarious all. the. time. It’s not really fair.

I hit print and smile because if this guy knows my husband and me at all he will know that those were not my words and that my words were the boring notes about checking the mail, taking the trash out and who to call if anything blows up while we are away.

I’m the more serious one in the family. I make the rules, pay the bills, and make the kids take a shower at least one time a week. When daddy’s “in charge” they are doing experiments, building things and going on mini-adventures down at the creek by our house.

Now we are on a really big adventure. The serious rule maker and rule follower who has all of our reservations in a binder in sheet protectors, and the hilarious one who has decided it would be more fun to take smaller, side roads all along the way so that we can see some more of the country. Ha. That part hasn’t been quite as funny. The first two hours of our trip included my son getting car sick and having to stop to pee three times. Our 7-hour drive yesterday turned into a 10 plus hour drive that ended with us eating $2.75 hamburgers at an event called a “tractor pull” – whatever that is.  

Okay. It has been fun and we’ve seen some really cool things and we are not even at our first National Park.  He was right again.  And once we got pass the first couple of hours, we found somewhat of a groove. The kids taking turns riding up front, learning how to read a map and my putting headphones on to drown out the constant “how do you spell…?” from my daughter.

Besides spelling and map reading here is what I hope my kids “learn” from this trip: I want them to know that we both love them very much and that we both show it differently and that’s okay. We each have a role to play in their lives. My husband’s role teaching them how to have fun, and my teaching them that there are sometimes rules in life. My husband teaching them how to break such rules (or to let go a bit) in order to have some fun, and my reminding them to do what I say and not what he does. What about me? I am learning that sometimes I need to learn how to break the rules too – if only to enjoy a good time and a good laugh with my family. In the end, some rules truly are meant to be broken. 

I am sure there will be more to come as we are only on day 2 of our 16 day, 4000 mile road trip. 


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Close Counts

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