Please Don't Break Us

My husband quit his job recently because he wanted a better life for himself and for our family. Because of this, we have been on a super tight budget, but we have enjoyed a life over the past couple of months of enjoying more time with each other. My husband is less stressed and the most excited I have ever seen him about the possibilities that are coming our way.

Part of the blessing of him quitting his job is that he has time off that he hasn’t had for years and years and we’ve decided to take advantage of this time to do what we’ve talked about doing for as long as I can remember. We are driving out west, camping along the way and visiting some of our nation’s most beautiful sites.

I am quite anxious about the trip, as I imagine anyone might be. We will be driving close to 4000 miles together in a small vehicle. We love each other, but we haven’t spent that much time together, ever. Throw kids into the mix and who knows what all of this will look like in the end. I have joked that this could make or break us. I don’t really believe it will break us, but I also am not naïve enough to think that we won’t have our fair share of challenges along the way.  

Here is the other part of the anxiety I am feeling. I am watching from afar what is happening down at our border. There is no joking about how this journey will make or break these families because right now they are all being broken. These families aren’t doing anything different than what my family is doing. They are so desperately wanting a better life for themselves and for their families. The difference is that these families aren’t just emotionally tired of their jobs and life, but they are trying to actually save their lives. They are taking risks that are far greater than what my husband and I will ever be able to claim.

Our risk? We go bankrupt and couch surf until we can pull things together. And in between it all we take a two plus week vacation, driving all around and seeing things that up until now we’ve only dreamed about seeing. I can’t stop thinking about what dreams these families have, or had, rather. I imagine if you are focused on simply trying to save your life, you don’t have much room for dreams.

I know that we can’t just open our borders wide and let any and all in that want to be here. I also know that I don’t have the answers. But more importantly, I know that we can’t do what we are doing right now.

If you also know that we can't keep doing what we are doing, please consider donating to help. Here is a link to a legitimate organization that is helping:

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