Smoothie Sunday

I got a text from my husband asking me if I would stop on the way home to pick up some bananas. Upon seeing the text, I immediately call and say “Are you serious?” He responds: “Yes. The kids ate all the bananas.” Woe to the family who does not have bananas and knows that one of the the only ways their offspring will get vegetables is via a smoothie with hidden spinach, which always requires bananas.

This was a problem. First off, it is a Sunday and everyone knows that Sundays are the worst days to go to the grocery store. Secondly, I am in yoga pants because I actually went to yoga. Anyone who knows me knows I have a constant internal battle with the thought of actually being seen in yoga pants, even if I am in an actual yoga class (you can read about that here).

I immediately thought of Shipt (a magical local service that will shop for you and deliver your groceries, even on Sundays), but I then remembered that my lovely texting husband is soon to be unemployed (that story is here) and we are saving where we can. Plus, with a $35 minimum order for the “free” shipping, that’s a whole lot of bananas even if they are unreasonably marked up.

I did make it to the grocery store, in yoga pants with my shirt stretched as far down as possible over my bum and I survived. My children can now have their weekly serving of green veggies because I faced my fears. Baby steps.


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